Carpet Cleaning Tips from a Gateshead Local!

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Carpet Cleaning

Today we have a special occasion. We have a local business that decided they would like to contribute to our site.

Here are a few carpet cleaning tips from Clean Victoria Gateshead.

Tip 1 – Clean Regularly

Most people think that if you can’t see the dirt it doesn’t matter. This is as far from the truth as you can get. The reality is that there are so many allergens around use. There is dust that you can’t see. There is dirt that is pretty much invisible. Regular carpet cleaning has many benefits that are hard to realise at first but they actually impact your health.

You know that sound you hear when you vacuum and it’s kind of like sand being sucked up into the vacuum? Well enough said on that front!

A long story short it’s best to vacuum once a week if you are not home to often as you’re always out and about. If you have a family and your home is used a lot vacuum two to three times a week.

Tip 2 – As Soon as You Spill Something

If you spilt some wine, soft drink, beer or anything else on the carpet that is not water you need to act fast!

The reality is that if you split wine or something that stains very badly then you’re going to have to get a professional carpet cleaner in. What you can do as soon as the spill happens though is take a sponge or some paper towels softly soak up what you can.

Then when you can’t get any more dab up and down on the spill. Keep doing this until you can get any more of the liquid out. This will stop the stain from being pushed deeper into the carpet.

Then your next step is to call a carpet cleaning company to come and deal with the stain professionally. Preferably withing 72 hours also.

Tip 3 – Bi-Annual Professional Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets are an asset. You don’t want to have to replace them after a few years as they get old and just look ugly. It’s recommended to get professional carpet cleaning done twice per year. This way you look after your carpet and they will always look and fell well maintained.

It’s not even that expensive. A small home might set you back a hundred quid. This cost twice per year is much cheaper than re-carpeting an entire house and the carpets were not looked after.

If you would like a Gateshead carpet cleaning company to come out to clean your carpets why not check out Clean Victoria Gateshead on Facebook.




Doing Business in Gateshead – What to Know

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Business in Gateshead

Starting a business in Gateshead can be challenge but well worth it. Not only do successful businesses in Gateshead tap into the local market but Newcastle is just around the corner. Here are a few resources to get you started.

Buying a Business – Best Option

A very viable option to start a company is to simply not! You can just buy a business in Gateshead. If you head over to there are many sites that have businesses for sale. At the time of writing this on in the Gateshead section there are about 60 businesses for sale.

One example is a butcher that is selling for £250,000 with a profit of £50,000 a year. That’s not a bad deal at all.

You would have to do some serious due diligence before buying a business in this manner. But it can be a good option. Why?

Well that’s a simple question to answer. The local community in Gateshead knows about the business already. There is an existing customer base. When you do more marketing the community already knows the brand so it’s more effective. This is just to name a few.

One option is to buy a business in Gateshead and then while you run it focus on how to expand the business and increase profits. This way you won’t need to go through the startup phase of a business where things can be very risk were  you might never even get off the ground.

Expanding the Business

To continue on with what was mentioned above. Expanding the business should be your focus if you buy a business.

It’s quite simple. You talk with the previous owner about the most effective advertising they used and then you expand on that. Something else to consider is that it’s 2018 now. Even a smaller business like the butcher can use online marketing. You can get your website higher in Google. You can get on Facebook. You can get your customers emails and run regular sales or create a membership club that offers a discount for customer who live locally and buy from you on a regular basis.

The options are endless.

The second option is to start a new business. But the reality is that buying an exiting business is like starting with a nice £50,000 car where building a business from scratch is like riding a moped!